James Simmons –

Last week, I visited four different banks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and opened a total of four certificates.  Of the four places, I received the best service at Susser Bank.  Of all the bank employees helping me last week, your employee, Casey Wood, was the most courteous and efficient of all.  I was in and out within 20 minutes.  At one bank in Dallas, I spent over 2 hours waiting for service.  Casey did an excellent job helping me and explained everything to my satisfaction.  Please thank Casey for me.

Stephanie MacLean –

The loan process was smooth and stress free. William communicated regularly and was wonderful to work with. Thanks!

Keith Sharkey –

William went above and beyond where other banks wouldn’t even work with us because of a previous short sale. I would highly recommend William and Susser Bank to anyone who wants a bank to get to know you and not treat you like just another number. Thank you!

Ricky Knight –

As first time home buyers, Harlan kept us abreast the whole step of the way. He walked us through step by step and we are grateful.

Jeffrey Frankel, Mattito’s Tex-Mex Cocina –

Susser Bank has been very responsive to our lending needs.  They understand our business and have become a partner in helping us grow.  The loan approval process within the bank is seamless and very timely.  Throughout construction the bank has worked with us to keep up with our schedule and budget.  Susser is a true business bank and we are proud to be working with them.

Sharon D. Moore, President, Mainstreet Inc. –

Although Mainstreet had considered other banking institutions for our current and future financial requirements, it was with Susser that we found a banking partner, who demonstrated that they care as much about our business as we do. Mainstreet is looking forward to developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the Susser team as together we grow our business to higher levels.

Greg McCarthy, Author –

Banking with Susser is what banking is supposed to be–a place where you know the people and they know you. It’s more than just getting loans, having a checking account, and building financial security. It’s building on relationships and making the most of your life.  Susser is distinguished from its competitors by the positive, can-do approach to its customers and their dreams. Not every loan can be made, and not every project can be funded, but the people at Susser Bank always seem to start by asking themselves, “How can we make this happen?”

In my experience, Susser does the little things very well, and it’s tremendously important that I’m on a first-name basis with the officers.  Considering everything about the other banks (impersonal service, decisions made in Charlotte, Chicago, or NYC, and the feeling of being the least important person in the world) the question is: Why bank anywhere else?

Lee Highsmith, Independent Buyers’ Co-op –

I relocated my corporate office to Arlington, Texas in 2011, and searched for a community-oriented bank with its home grown roots in Texas. I was tired from dealing with large banks and their bank officers. They could not make financial decisions without speaking with their corporate office. More often than not, it took weeks to get a definitive answer.

I reached out to other business owners in the Arlington area, and they recommended Susser Bank. One of the many aspects I enjoy about Susser Bank is their friendly office staff and bank officers. The Bank Officers are easily accessible, and always available to meet me even before or after banking hours. I’ve approached them for small and large loans, and they rapidly process them for me. Previously with large banks, I had to wait several days or longer before getting a loan approval.

I highly recommend Susser Bank to my friends and fellow business owners.

Rob Carlin, Ashton Homes of Texas –

Finding a bank to do a lot development loan in 2009 was an exceptional challenge. After a year of seeking such a loan to continue developing Shannon Creek Subdivision in Burleson, I was fortuitously introduced to the folks at Susser Bank.

Their insight and experience with this type of loan was impressive. It has been 4 years, 3 more phases and not one hiccup. My eternal thanks to Susser Bank and its personnel who I now consider to be friends.

Tommy and Lisa McAden, Antares Homes –

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Bennett Carter, and your support team at Susser Bank for all you have done for us related to our recent acquisition of the assets of Antares Homes and the finance of Antares’ corporate office.

There are so many options to consider when dealing with banks…..at the end of the day, all banks have to follow the same basic guidelines.  Some banks perform better in certain areas than others, either by design or default.  But, at the end of the day, the distinguishing characteristics of the banking organization that we wish to deal with starts and ends with the quality, commitment and attitude of the individuals comprising the bank as well as the overall culture that the bank exudes.

As to your team’s ability to perform, when we first met with you and Bennett, you didn’t try to oversell us on Susser Bank…..you simply said, “What do you need us to do to help you and how can we earn your business?”  What a concept…..”What do you need…..”

We described our several needs; we needed a credit line for our newly acquired home building operation, we needed to finance an owner-occupied office building, we needed treasury management capabilities, and as importantly, we needed a quick response.  You committed to a quick turnaround, and you and your team delivered.  I believe we met at the beginning of the second week of January.  We had a commitment from Susser Bank for both loans by the end of the month; and, we closed both loans by mid-February.

Far beyond meeting our stated needs, we feel we have gained a savvy business partner who is experienced and in touch with our business, cares that Tommy and Lisa succeed, and is committed to delivering the capabilities of the Susser Bank team.

So, many thanks to you and Bennett for your efforts and many thanks to Susser Bank for providing a culture that allows outstanding individuals and teams to perform.  Good bankers find good banks…..and good banks find good bankers.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Loth, Chief Financial Officer, Waste Partners –

The things that distinguish Susser from any other bank I have done business with in the past is the personal touch of the bank and its people. That results in much greater confidence level for the customer during the loan process and much quicker decisions from the bank when looking for credit approval. It is a very streamlined process from the customer’s perspective.

From a day to day banking perspective, you are treated as a person that bank personnel truly care about. Always a very friendly attitude from all bank personnel.

The thing Susser Bank does very well is make you comfortable and appreciated. Everyone is always very helpful and friendly. But most important thing is that Susser has VERY competent bankers who really are eager to help you with your business. Summary: The 2 P’s- Personal and Professional.

The reason I continue to do more business with Susser is that they always have performed on the requests I have made. They have done this in a professional, efficient, and friendly manner. I am always treated very well!!

Judith Oltrogge –

Harlan, you and your staff were absolutely GREAT. You served us with good cheer, efficiency, trust, knowledge, and always a timely response to any and everything! Once again I am SO glad we asked you to help us!!! And you even understand the mission-money-methods! WOW.

Gary Watson –

I was very happy with my experience. Everything went very smoothly.

Tralonya Taylor –

Harlan was great throughout the entire process. He kept me updated on everything that was going on with my file and he answered questions willingly.

Harry and Gwendolyn Michalakeas –

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say a big thank you from both of us! Working with you was such a pleasure. I can’t believe how smoothly it went especially considering the foundation work, the plumbing work, the listing agent who was, lets just say, “not as good as Carrol”. I really appreciate how you would always take the time to explain everything to me. I’m one of those people who wants to understand everything!

I can’t wait until we get to work together again on the next one (though we have a rehab to concentrate on first, and some money hording to do after that!)

Thanks again!