Lee Highsmith, Independent Buyers’ Co-op –

I relocated my corporate office to Arlington, Texas in 2011, and searched for a community-oriented bank with its home grown roots in Texas. I was tired from dealing with large banks and their bank officers. They could not make financial decisions without speaking with their corporate office. More often than not, it took weeks to get a definitive answer.

I reached out to other business owners in the Arlington area, and they recommended Susser Bank. One of the many aspects I enjoy about Susser Bank is their friendly office staff and bank officers. The Bank Officers are easily accessible, and always available to meet me even before or after banking hours. I’ve approached them for small and large loans, and they rapidly process them for me. Previously with large banks, I had to wait several days or longer before getting a loan approval.

I highly recommend Susser Bank to my friends and fellow business owners.

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