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Bill Pay Services

Susser Bank’s bill paying service is fast and secure and makes it easier than ever to pay bills and people with no checks, no stamps, and no hassle.

  • You can view, pay, and track your bills from one, central place. All of your monthly bill information – right at your fingertips!
  • Receive your bill statements online or by email, instead of through the mail. You can see the amount you owe, the due date, view the bill detail, and pay the bill. Each month you’ll receive a reminder e-mail to login and review each new bill.
  • Each time you want to pay a bill, you select the payee from your list, update the amount to pay and the date to be sent.
  • You can set up a recurring payment schedule for fixed amounts…such as a car or house payment or one time or variable payment for companies where the payment amount is different each month…like a credit card or utility bill.
  • You can pay people without having to know their account information…you just need an email address or mobile phone number for the person you want to pay.

Get Started With Online Bill Paying Service

It’s easy – just visit with any of our customer service staff at our branch locations or contact us for more information on making your life simpler with Susser Bank’s Online Bill Pay Services.

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