Greg McCarthy, Author –

Banking with Susser is what banking is supposed to be–a place where you know the people and they know you. It’s more than just getting loans, having a checking account, and building financial security. It’s building on relationships and making the most of your life.  Susser is distinguished from its competitors by the positive, can-do approach to its customers and their dreams. Not every loan can be made, and not every project can be funded, but the people at Susser Bank always seem to start by asking themselves, “How can we make this happen?”

In my experience, Susser does the little things very well, and it’s tremendously important that I’m on a first-name basis with the officers.  Considering everything about the other banks (impersonal service, decisions made in Charlotte, Chicago, or NYC, and the feeling of being the least important person in the world) the question is: Why bank anywhere else?

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