Connect Now™ Online Banking

Connect Now™ Online Banking

Susser Bank understands the importance of a quick and easy online business banking solution that fits your business, your busy schedule, and all your transactional needs. With Susser Bank Connect Now™ Online Banking, your business can enjoy more efficiency as you manage payroll, transfers, and more—all from an amazingly intuitive interface on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Quick. Convenient. Secure. You can manage your accounts efficiently and timely with the tools you need:

  • View balances, debits, and credits
  • Real-time transfer funds among your Susser Bank accounts
  • Place and manage stop payments
  • Export account information into QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Money and BAI2 formats
  • Bank-managed user entitlements
  • Easily manage ACH Payments, both Receipts, and Payroll
  • Send money domestically or internationally, right from your digital device
  • Account alerts by email
  • Secure email and chat

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