Tommy and Lisa McAden, Antares Homes –

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Bennett Carter, and your support team at Susser Bank for all you have done for us related to our recent acquisition of the assets of Antares Homes and the finance of Antares’ corporate office.

There are so many options to consider when dealing with banks… the end of the day, all banks have to follow the same basic guidelines.  Some banks perform better in certain areas than others, either by design or default.  But, at the end of the day, the distinguishing characteristics of the banking organization that we wish to deal with starts and ends with the quality, commitment and attitude of the individuals comprising the bank as well as the overall culture that the bank exudes.

As to your team’s ability to perform, when we first met with you and Bennett, you didn’t try to oversell us on Susser Bank… simply said, “What do you need us to do to help you and how can we earn your business?”  What a concept…..”What do you need…..”

We described our several needs; we needed a credit line for our newly acquired home building operation, we needed to finance an owner-occupied office building, we needed treasury management capabilities, and as importantly, we needed a quick response.  You committed to a quick turnaround, and you and your team delivered.  I believe we met at the beginning of the second week of January.  We had a commitment from Susser Bank for both loans by the end of the month; and, we closed both loans by mid-February.

Far beyond meeting our stated needs, we feel we have gained a savvy business partner who is experienced and in touch with our business, cares that Tommy and Lisa succeed, and is committed to delivering the capabilities of the Susser Bank team.

So, many thanks to you and Bennett for your efforts and many thanks to Susser Bank for providing a culture that allows outstanding individuals and teams to perform.  Good bankers find good banks…..and good banks find good bankers.

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