DALLAS (May 11, 2021) – Texas-based Affiliated Bank, N.A., has changed its name to Susser Bank to better reflect its ambitious growth strategy. Since 2018, the Bank has operated under the ownership and direction of Susser Banc Holdings Corporation, led by fifth-generation Texas entrepreneur Sam L. Susser. Susser Bank will cater to business leaders who seek timely, personalized support from a responsive banking team.

“Texans deserve a long-term, collaborative partner that has their best interests at heart,” says Chairman Sam L. Susser. “Our personalized, transparent approach is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs, professionals, and privately-held companies. Our single-minded purpose is to create outstanding financial solutions that benefit our clients, team members and the communities where we operate.”

A diversified bank with robust capital, liquidity and leading-edge technology, Susser Bank creates positive experiences for customers and team members while offering a full suite of personal and commercial banking solutions.

“Our name change is more than just cosmetic,” adds President and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Schmid. “The Susser Bank name reflects the bank’s values, entrepreneurial spirit and reinvigorated focus on the customer experience. At Susser, we have empowered our team to access the information and resources they need to efficiently serve our clients.”

Exceptional service and a community-focused culture are primary market differentiators for Susser Bank.

“Susser Bank is built to last, not to sell,” according to Sam L. Susser. “This gives our clients and team members peace of mind as the pace of consolidation in banking continues to accelerate.”

“Our reputation is everything,” Susser continues. “Our clients tell us our number one strength is the extraordinary customer experience our team delivers. We are leveraging that strength to build relationships in the communities we serve. Texans can count on Susser Bank for decades to come.”

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