Client Success Stories

Strengthening Our Communities Through the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Susser Bank supported more than 1,600 companies, benefiting over 18,000 of their employees throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

The team at Susser clearly put their clients’ interest first and tirelessly worked to be at the forefront of processing the loans.  As we see now, with the program running out of funds, Susser’s customers were extremely lucky to have such a great team working so hard to ensure they were not left out.  Many businesses in my industry who applied at or near the time we did were not funded.  We are grateful to Susser and consider ourselves very lucky to have such a great partner.” 

— Brewery

I want to commend all of the rank and file group that I deal with on a day in day out basis.  Prior to the current situation, they were always great to work with.  Since they all got relegated to a home assignment like you, they have been even better.  They continue to go out of their way to provide the personal service and attention that everyone needs.” 

— Title Company

We, like a lot of small businesses, didn’t have a local bank.  We always had a commercial bank.  It was a nightmare.  We couldn’t even apply.  Because we didn’t have credit lines open through them.  They didn’t even take our call.  I’m so glad we found Susser.  They were phenomenal.  We’re moving everything to them now.  We know now that we should not only shop local, but bank local.” 

— Bakery Owner (As cited in the Dallas Business Journal)

Just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you and everyone at the bank did assisting me with the PPP loan.  Seeing every day where people did not get in in time.  Your help was invaluable. I truly appreciate it. 

— Dentist

These are obviously unprecedented times and one of the positives has been all the folks at your bank.  Your bank’s responsiveness and professionalism throughout this process have been exceptional and we look forward to establishing a long and mutually rewarding relationship.” 

Benefits Provider

I can’t imagine the undertaking this has been for the bank!  It has been just over two weeks and we are about to be funded by a bank that we never have done business with.  You and your staff have done a tremendous job.  I have friends that have banked at the “big” banks for years who still say they are lost in the abyss of applications.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

— RV Dealership

So very thankful to you and the Susser Team!!  It will help tremendously on the bumps coming at us in the next few months.” 

Property Management

Just wanted to thank you for expediting the PPP loan for us.  The money was wired into our account this morning.  No way this happens…especially this fast, without you…so THANK YOU.” 

Mail Processing Facility

If I had the availability to give you all the world – I would!” 

Architecture Firm

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for your hard work with getting our loan application completed and approved.  You and your team were so thorough that you noticed we had undercalculated our payroll.  This helped us get $20,000 more than we originally thought.  I have never worked with a business banker that was able to not only make sure we were approved, but also ensure that we got the full amount we were eligible for.  We thank you for your service.  You are helping us continue to provide services for many individuals and families.  Thank you and your team again.” 

Health Clinic

In my 11 years as a business owner, I have never encountered this level of proactivity from a bank.  While this entire SBA lending process has been riddled with uncertainty and ambiguity, your attentiveness and response time has never wavered.  When we initially spoke, you provided a clear path for how to apply and a thorough outline for required documents.  My firm has been in contact with business owners all over the state and they all share in the frustration of not knowing where they are in the application process with both their bank and tax/accounting professional.  Your constant updates and back-end processes have allowed me to keep my clients in the loop and also advise/comfort others, which makes my team look like heroes.” 

Certified Public Accountant Firm

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