Remote Deposit

Can You Deposit Checks Online? With Susser Bank You Can!

To improve your cash flow and make banking easier, Susser Bank offers remote deposit services allowing you to scan checks and make deposits electronically from your computer – anytime, day or night.

Get Your Funds Faster

Remote Deposit is the quickest way to get your deposits into your bank account.  Rather than sitting around until your next trip to the bank, your money is working smarter for you.  Make deposits on your schedule 24 hours a day.

Save Time and Money

Remote Deposit saves time, cuts labor costs and reduces the number of trips to the bank.  Prior deposits can be viewed online and remote deposit offers duplicate check detection to help prevent depositing check twice.

Reduce Fraud and Increase Security

Multiple layers of security – including password protection, internet firewalls and 128-bit encryption – mean that your electronic deposits are protected and secure.

Let’s get started

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